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An Interview with Sir & Madame (photos photos photos!)

A little while ago, Michael and I visited Sir & Madame, a boutique in Ukranian Village featuring fresh fashion and accessories reminiscent of Chicago style.

Owned by young couple Autumn and Brian, Sir & Madame can be described as a juxtaposition of sorts- the look of the store is old- antique dressers dot the walls and rich red drapes line the windows, yet the energy in the store is young. Sleek clothes in vibrant fabrics and edgy yet practical accessories are displayed throughout the room.

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HATS by Angela Morano: Interview and Pictures!

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Chicago native Angela Morano, couture headwear designer and the girl behind HATS  by Angela Morano. One of acityinthemidwest’s goals for 2012 is to introduce a style section to the blog, and Angela’s interview is the perfect way to kick it off. Talented and ambitious, Angela Morano is a name to remember  within the Chicago style scene. Check out the interview below where Angela discusses her hats, her favorite Chicago spots and the fashion trends she wishes would finally die.

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Find Art: Chicago Street Art

On the side of a brick wall supporting the underpass around Milwaukee and Leavitt, there is a spray-painted dinosaur on a cotton-candy pink and light plum purple background with the words “FIND ART” scrawled beneath it. Interpreting these words as a challenge, we set out to uncover art on the streets of Chicago. (MaB)

Photo by Maggie Bojda

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