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ACITM Summer Music Essentials (Pt. 2/2)

Here’s part 2 of the Summer Music Essentials. Enjoy!

If you missed part 1, click here.

Songs Everyone Loves

These tracks are for the people that hate a certain type of genre or for people that hate every single song regardless of what it is. The people that wish the Beatles were still around and take every opportunity to tell you so. These songs are enjoyable for everyone; watch as the foot discreetly starts tapping along to the beat and notice how hours later the stuck in the 70’s music fan is still humming the song they heard in your car.

F. Stokes – My Simple (My Small Town in the USA) Continue reading

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Jay Z – $100 Bill [Download]

jay acitm

The full version of Jay Z’s addition to the Great Gatsby Soundtrack “$100 Bill” dropped today. Full soundtrack comes out on May 7th, with the movie releasing May 10th. Don’t know which one we’re more excited for. Enjoy!


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Lupe Fiasco – Light Blue [Download]

Lupe took to twitter to release “Light Blue,” a track made just for practice, like a gymnast or piano player would do, said Fiasco. Forget about all the controversy surrounding the Chicago MC and we see he’s a damn good rapper. Stream and download the track below.


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Songs from Abroad Vol. 1

sfa acitm

As you may have noticed, posts on acityinthemidwest have recently slowed down. I’m studying abroad in Spain so posting as frequently as the last couple of months in 2012 is a bit difficult. Have no fear though, Songs from Abroad will be a giant foreign music post coming up on the site every once in a while, featuring only tracks I discover out here and not from a US based artist.

f y f e – Solace

From: London, England

Continue reading


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Pitchfork Day One: Curren$y, Das Racist, and James Blake

Pitchfork Music Festival had its 7 year anniversary (Comin’ for you Lolla) this past weekend in Union Park, and like in past years, the carefully selected lineup did not disappoint. With three day passes selling out in a little over an hour, I showed up to the fest Friday to see a bunch of hipsters already in full concert mode.

Check out reviews of Curren$y, Das Racist (INCLUDING A FULL VERSION OF A BRAND NEW SONG), and James Blake here. Continue reading

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