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Meet Black Atlass

Ontario native Alex Flemming, aka Black Atlass, first burst onto the scene about 11 months ago with his masterpiece The Black Atlass EP. Featuring 6 songs spanning roughly 18 minutes, Flemming displays his production versatility with a mix of sample heavy bangers and synth laid piano wails that will upset you when you learn he’s most likely younger than you. That’s right, the EP was released when he was just 17. Take a listen (and then download) the whole EP below.

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Netherfriends @ Empty Bottle 5/28 (Interview)

Netherfriends is unlike anything you’ve heard before, in a good way. The Columbia grad, Shawn Rosenblatt, is a touring machine, who recently finished something he calls the 50 States, 50 Songs project. He wrote and recorded 1 song in every state… yes, that’s Alaska and Hawaii included. The project led to the release of an album called “Middle America,” where every song is named after a city and features a narration of his trip across the country. If you haven’t seen his solo performance with loop pedal and sampler yet, you’ll be amazed by his ability to quickly make a song from nothing and get you dancing.

Luckily for you, Netherfriends will be playing the Empty Bottle free Monday, May 28th, on Memorial Day. What better way to finish a weekend of BBQ’n, cold beer, and fireworks, than with a night of psych pop from Chicago’s very own.

Check out after the jump for an interview with Shawn about the 50 states project, his future, and his favorite spot in Chicago.

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