Week that Was (4-16-14)

This should probably be called the year that was, but to help with tagging, we’re sticking with “Week.” Away for some time, but getting back on track, expect more and more ACITM music coverage as I finish my studies and head back to what has become the mecca of music, Chicago. We’ve got an old favorite in The Ataris coming to town Friday night, with an Orwells homecoming in April.

Without further ado, let’s get to the music. Starting us off are Sunny Gicz and Gabe Niles, aka Sunny & Gabe, a Virginia duo that varies from a hazy overcast to a strong trip hop pounding bass. They’ve got a mixtape called “Free Candy” that’s available for download now. Expect new music soon from these two.

Sunny & Gabe – Godzilla

Next up we have Toronto swooner Sway Clarke II. Interests include eating schinitzel, Schwarzwald Kirschtorte, and hating “nu metal.” He’s got a vibe to him that fills that void Frank Ocean has opened up (with Frank’s lack of a proper release in about a year). Take a listen.

Sway Clarke II – I Don’t Need Much

From a song called “I Don’t Need Much” to one called “Don’t Need U,” I want to reassure everyone these are not the thoughts of ACITM, as we love all our readers.

Astronomyy – Don’t Need U

Figaro – Moving Slowly

Broods – Never Gonna Change

Marian Hill – One Time

Final track for the week is TOUGH. Kami de Chukwu and Joey Purps have teamed up to form your new favorite rap group, Leather Corduroys. Enjoy, and until next time.

Leather Corduroys – Dat Strong

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