Chvrches at the Metro

Fresh off of a sold out performance at Lincoln Hall the night before, Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty, who make up the Scottish band Chvrches, performed at a sold out Metro Wednesday night. If you’ve been an ACITM follower, you know we are absolutely crazy about these guys. The band played most of their much anticipated debut album, The Bones of What You Believe, which is set to release on September 24.

Check out photos from the show below, and hit the jump for a mini review/setlist of the performance.





Touring on a five song EP and selling out those shows daily means you’re doing something right. The band was fantastic live. As soon as the strobe lights began… strobing?… Lauren Mayberry took command of the stage. Mayberry’s voice has an urgency that draws you more and more into each song. It helps that the synth lead power pop is amazingly catchy. But Iain Cook and Martin Doherty don’t just stand idly by. The energy they bring to the stage choreographs Mayberry’s moves across the stage, crunchy bass lines dropping the singers head and closing her eyes.

The quality doesn’t change when Cook and Mayberry change places either. When Cook took the microphone to perform “Tide,” a track that can be found on the upcoming album, he danced through the synths bringing a heavy metal like ruckus to the stage. The night ended with “The Mother We Share,” a song the band seems to have perfected. It’s a ballad you’d think a super group with the likes of the xx, Purity Ring and AlunaGeorge made, an electro-pop work of genius. Mayberry takes the gothic synth intro and turns it into a song with a lot of color. Pleads for an encore were unfortunately unanswered, but when the album does release September 24th, be prepared for the group to take over the music world.






We Sink



Now is Not the Time


Night Sky

Strong Hand





The Mother We Share

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  1. Gnarly colors homie. Looks like an amazing set.

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