Lollapalooza 2013: What to Wear (Guys Edition)

We couldn’t leave the guys hung out to dry after yesterday’s Ladies What to Wear post. For the past two years, we’ve brought you the top summer trends to rock during Chicago’s biggest music fest, and the guys edition is back once again as well. Luckily the weather seems like it’s going to comply, so follow the guidelines below and there’s a good chance you’ll make the Best Dressed list of a fashion blog or two ;). Let us know if there are any looks you think are an absolutely necessary addition. 

1. Class it up with an oxford and bracelet


Pants: Old Navy Painters Pants cut off; Oxford: Hawkings McGill; Sunglasses: Enclave 20&20; Bracelet: The 5th One; Shoes: BASS x Mark McNairy

2. When in doubt, vintage jersey it is


Pants: Levi’s; Illinois Softball Jersey: Thrift Store; Bucket Hat: Belmont Army Surplus; Shoes: Nike Flyknit Lunar Multicolor

3. Celebrate the street scene with a simple tee/shoe/hat combo


Pants: Old Navy Painters Pants cut off; Shirt: Dope Boy Magic; Hat: 40 oz NYC Givenchy Stars; Shoes: Nike SB Unlucky 2004

4. Bucket Hats and Camo are the new Snap Backs and Tattoos, and remember, guys can kill the accessory game too. 


Pants: Rothco Camo Cargo shorts; Shirt: Obey tanktop; Sunglasses: Enclave 20&20; Necklace: Pendulum on black chain; Bucket Hat: Thrift Store and Tie Dyed; Shoes: BASS x Mark McNairy

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