Lollapalooza 2013: What To Wear

Lollapalooza – my favorite summer fashion show – hits Grant Park this weekend. For the past two years, we’ve brought you the top summer trends to rock during Chicago’s biggest music fest, and this year is no different. Follow the guidelines below and there’s a good chance you’ll make the Best Dressed list of a fashion blog or two 😉

1. Bathing suits are fair game. 


Swimsuit: Stampd LA; shorts: Levis; sunglasses: thrift store; purse: Steve Madden

2. When in doubt, throw on a sundress.

DSC_1615 2

Dress: Forever21; hat: Urban Outfitters; shoes: Zara

3. Jean shorts (jorts) look good with anything and everything.


Top: Banana Republic; shorts: Levis; purse: Urban Outfitters; necklace: Forever21

4. If there’s an animal on any of your clothing, you will fit in. Eagles and cats are popular these days.


Top: Pacific Sunwear; skirt: Forever21; shoes: Converse

5. Crochet is a hot trend this season.


Top: Old Style t-shirt; shorts: Forever21; purse: Forever21; necklace: H&M

6. Represent Chicago’s local fashion scene. Add a hat from Leaders or a scarf from Sir & Madame.


Top: H&M; shorts: Forever21; hat: Leaders1354; shoes: Zara


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5 responses to “Lollapalooza 2013: What To Wear

  1. maggie L

    Love those outfits mags!! Super cute! If I.had em all I wouldn’t know which ones to wear!!! Lol

  2. Rebecca D

    Outfit #1 is so cute! One thing I may add for your readers is to decide what kind of festival-goer you are. If you are one of those crazy “I’m almost considered a groupie”, or Perry’s Goer, I must recommend only closed toe shoes for you. You’ll be thanking Converse on Monday that you’re still able to walk.

  3. Jessie

    Love outfit 5!!!!

  4. Bob

    Cats are the hottest design this summer. Wear one as a hat or scarf

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