Well, Yeezus Leaked

It’s happening people. Yeezus has leaked and the internet is going crazy. Seriously, the internet is going crazy. NOT saying ACITM has downloaded the album, but word is links are taking 1-2 hours because of the masses trying to get it ASAP. So while you’re waiting for your copy to finish up downloading, check out what people on reddit and twitter are saying about it.

Where’s he been?

The hype was getting serious… maybe Kanye/Kim wanted to save this poor lady


Wait, it’s just been confirmed though. I knew that’s why he was running!

And everyone is listening to it

Seriously, this is bigger news than if Kimye gave birth to an alien

You almost at the top of the chart Ye! You’re no Flag Day though

Back to the album…

If your DL is really taking THAT long, there’s always 6 second Vine clips


For real though, they’re not lying

Tweet at @ACITM to let us know your thoughts, if you’re waiting for the official release, or if you have no idea what a Yeezus is.

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