Meet Black Atlass

Ontario native Alex Flemming, aka Black Atlass, first burst onto the scene about 11 months ago with his masterpiece The Black Atlass EP. Featuring 6 songs spanning roughly 18 minutes, Flemming displays his production versatility with a mix of sample heavy bangers and synth laid piano wails that will upset you when you learn he’s most likely younger than you. That’s right, the EP was released when he was just 17. Take a listen (and then download) the whole EP below.

Now two years wiser and the latest Fool’s Gold Acquisition, listing clinically insane/brilliant? Kanye West as his biggest influence, the sound is growing beyond that of a cross between the Weeknd and XXYYXX, artists he’s often compared to. His twinkly-piano synth pulser “Paris” was recently featured in a Louis Vuitton promo video, and Flemming himself released the official video a couple of days ago. Check it out.

This guys got big things ahead of him. Hopefully he keeps pushing the boundaries and we can see some awesome collabs (he’s said he loves Frank Ocean’s work… can we get these two in a studio ASAP?)

As a bonus, check out the video for “Hills,” directed by Cameron Morse.

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