An Interview with Houses

I caught up with Dexter and Megan from Houses at SXSW last month after their performance at the Mohawk. The band’s second album “A Quiet Darkness” has been released today and is worth a listen. You can purchase the album here. Read on to learn about the inspiration for the album, the band’s most awkward comparison as well as their favorite spot in Chicago.

Courtesy of Free People

Acityinthemidwest: Tell us about yourselves. How did you get your start?

Dexter: Well I’m Dexter and this is Megan, and we’re Houses. We got our start back in 2010. We’d just been living in Hawaii for a while and after we got back, we put an album together and put some stuff online and it got picked up by a record label. We put out a record back in 2010

Megan: and it’s called “All Night.”


A: I hear you have Chicago ties, what are they?

D: We were both born and raised in Chicago. We both bounced around a lot, Evanston, Lincolnwood, Southside for a while. 


A: And now you’re in LA. Are you there to stay or will you move back to Hawaii?

M: We’d love to go back to Hawaii eventually, (laughs) but for now it works with the music industry [being centralized there]. Just having the support of great managers and a band is awesome. it works for now but nothing is ever permanent.


A: How would you describe your music?

D: Death metal, really aggressive, (laughs) no just kidding. It’s emo music. It’s emotional. Electronic music primarily based in emotion.


A: Who have you been compared to?

D: Oh man. Some of the comparisons are really off and some are very flattering. We got compared to DNTEL and that was really flattering. But oh we just got a really bad one.

M: Sometimes people say you sing like Coldplay and that’s kinda awkward. It’s kind of a compliment, but it’s personally not a compliment for us.


A: Tell us about your album. What has been the inspiration for it?

D: Our new album is our second album. It’s called A Quiet Darkness.

A: Why that title?

M: It’s one of the songs on the album. It is a concept album so it tells a story from beginning to end and all the way through. Each of the songs tackles a part of this bigger story.


A: What’s the story?

D: It’s about a man and his wife and basically they are separated at the time of a huge nuclear disaster. The album is them trying to find each other just so they can die in the same place. It’s a bummer of an album (laughs). It’s very emotional.


A: Who do you hope will listen to your music?

D: Anyone who will take it seriously. We’re not looking to be a part of any fads and i think our music doesn’t lend itself to any trend that’s happening in music right now.

M: I think it being a concept album, it’s open to interpretation. It’s really good to just listen to the album all the way through, that’s something that we really recommend. Put some headphones on, be alone and just sort of get into it. Take it for what it is.


A: Since we’re acityinthemidwest, what is your favorite place in Chicago?

D: Gene and Jude’s. There are hot dogs outside and all I can think about is Gene and Jude’s.

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