An Ode to Bonny’s and New Music from DJ Major Taylor

Ohhh, Bonny’s. Let’s reminisce about those glorious nights spent at the epically grungy Logan Square bar Bonny’s. You stood outside for 45 minutes in front of a rickety, sign-free brick building next to a photography studio showcasing some very questionable shirtless “models.” As you took your first steps inside, your senses were smacked by the “unique” scent of the late-night joint. You then (hopefully) proceeded to dance in a puddle of sweat, clutching your three dollar PBR during a far-from average 4:00 AM dance party, grooving to the mixes of DJ Major Taylor – the only man who could throw in the famous “AHHHHHHHHHHHH ZA BENYA” (Circle of Life) from the Lion King after Bell Biv DeVoe’s Poison.


Photo: Facebook

If you have not experienced any of the above, then I am sorry. Bonny’s closed a few months ago, but the man who made the dark, grimey, yet charming dive bar worth obsessing over is still making music. Check out DJ Major Taylor’s latest track, made in conjunction with DJ Lani Love, as well as some classic Bonny’s mixes below.

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