THEMpeople – Smoke Breaks [Download]

THEMpeople dropped a beat tape today, which you can download below. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Smoke Breaks is a light compilation of Soul and Electronic experimentation. Our smoke break series will be a Bi weekly presentation of instrumental music inspired  sonically by our compositions/conversations with a multitude of soul and electric based artists. For the past 2 years weve been trying to find a comfortable center that encompasses a Futuristic/Vintage sound. This selection of beats represent the foundation of a sound we like to call Glitch Soul or Soul Fi… As the series develops in the coming weeks we will share more of our evolution based on this sound. Smoke Break series also contains some instrumentals used in our Visual documentary projects.

Listened to this walking around town and was vibin hard with the Chicago based production crews sounds. Really good stuff. Take a listen to see if you like it.


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