Frank Ocean – Channel Orange


Released on: July 10, 2012

Can’t Skip Tracks: Thinkin Bout You, Pyramids, Lost, Bad Religion, Forrest Gump

This album could be flipped with the top seeded one on any given day, but instead of wimping out and giving a 1A and 1B, I ranked Channel Orange 2 because GKMC had a more interesting album cover. This album is complete. From “Start” to “End” there’s not a song you skip. Lyrics prodding the trappings of money, drugs, sex, unrequited love and faith, Frank creates stories that are locked up like puzzles. Every song is as complex as the last, though Frank’s bare voice make them seem simple and sweet. Probably the most buzzed about album of the year due to Frank’s coming out a week before the release date, would still be this highly regarded without it. In truth though, it probably made it better. We saw the bravery Frank Ocean has, the genius (in the beautifully written ambiguities from the letter), and the mysticness of it all. Channel Orange is one of a kind.

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