Alt-J – An Awesome Wave


Released on: May 25, 2012

Can’t Skip Tracks: Tessellate, Breezeblocks, Something Good, Fitzpleasure

I first heard ∆’s “Breezeblocks” as a GirlsOnDrugs remix. I couldn’t stop listening, the song was so interesting. It took me about 5 plays to realize I really liked the song, 7 plays to finally find out more about the actual band. The ∆ (or alt-j) version now sits atop my iTunes most played list. The whole album, An Awesome Wave has much of the same. There’s a force working between poppy catchiness and electronic experimentalism that seems to live inside alt-j’s music. You’ll find catchy choruses, start-stopping electronic breaks, and dreamy abstraction throughout An Awesome Wave, which can be classified as a kind of “folk-step.” If the melodies and infectious choruses aren’t stuck in your head all day, you’re listening to the record wrong.

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