Lorine Chia “Lorine” [Mixtape Download]


So we’re very late on this, I know, but it’s better to share it than stay quiet. The Cleveland, Ohio native Lorine Chia released her debut mixtape on Thanksgiving, and it’s been on heavy rotation ever since. We’ve got the tracklist along with a full stream featured below, with appearances by Chicago’s Chance the Rapper, All Day Recess, and Rami. Be on the lookout for a review coming ASAP.


Lorine Chia – Intro
Lorine Chia – Crazy Things
Lorine Chia – Can We
Lorine Chia – You’re Alright
Lorine Chia – Life Without A Dream [Prod. By Rami]
Lorine Chia – Purple
Lorine Chia – Water To Wine
Lorine Chia – Livin’ In Vein (Feat. Chance The Rapper)
Lorine Chia – Broken Promises
Lorine Chia – Let Me Feel
Lorine Chia – Vade Mecum

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