Week that Was (11-22-12 to 11-28-12)

If you’ve noticed more tracks featured on the week that was, one, you’re welcome, and two, it’s because more and more music is pouring in through our email. This week we have 12 fresh tracks, with 3 headlining artists on top of it. Brooklyn based Railbird leads us off, with a psych pop experimental sound that’s gotten them on tour with Reptar and Rubblebucket. Cash Cash is next, and the wait for a track as fun to dance to as Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” may finally be here. If “Overtime” doesn’t at least get your foot tapping or shoulder popping, let me know and I’ll send you a sticker. Rounding out the Week that Was headliners is another Brooklyn band, Great Caeser. Often referred to as “the OutKast of Brooklyn Indie Rock,” you better expect great things. Enjoy! Keep sending music to acityinthemidwest [@] gmail.com.

Railbird – Lucky

Cash Cash – Overtime

Great Caesar – Tuned to Break

Flume – Star Eyes

Pure – Infatuated feat. Pusha T

Friend Within – The Cause

 Wild Belle – It’s Too Late

*Blondfire – Where The Kids Are

Silent Enjoyment – From Tulsa

Super Helpful – Sumo

Maximum Hedrum – Synthesize

The Neighbourhood – Let It Go

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One response to “Week that Was (11-22-12 to 11-28-12)

  1. MikeTheGiftWrapper

    Some quality sounds in here! Only listened to 3 of the tracks so far and I’m feeling all of them! Great work from some great bloggers!

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