A Quick Trip to Paris – “Absences…” Le Salon (Atelier Galerie)

I took a quick trip to Paris this past weekend and stumbled upon Le Salon (Atelier Galerie). Located next door to Ed Banger Records (the labels of Justice and SebAstian, among others), Le Salon (Atelier Galerie) is the studio/gallery of Thomas Winter, brother of Pedro Winter/Busy P- French dj, producer, Ed Banger Records owner and former Daft Punk manager. An instagram photo posted by Ed Banger Records promoting a new exhibit drew us into the Parisian studio. On display at the intimate gallery was MałgośKa’s photo exhibit entitled “Absences…” in collaboration with LISA SAYS. The work, with an air of eeriness, showcased photographs of objects in low light. I enjoyed the exhibit and was lucky to catch up with the talented young artist Malgoska during the opening night of her showing.

Malgoska writes, “taken with an anthological camera, my pictures take place in hotel rooms. Inspired by spending time in some European hotel, they consider the strange presence of the objects I was surrounded by – obviously the objects were there for me to use them, to catch my attention, although they were not really for me. So the subject of these photographs isn’t particularly the hotel itself, but the speechless existence of the objects, the atmosphere they create just in and of themselves, and the place they have occupied.”

Lisa (left) and Malgoska (right)

Be sure to check out Malgoska’s website http://www.malgoskaphoto.com/ and make sure to stop into Le Salon (Atelier Galerie) if you ever take a trip to the beautiful Paris.

Malgoska presented


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2 responses to “A Quick Trip to Paris – “Absences…” Le Salon (Atelier Galerie)

  1. Maggie L

    ahhhhhh paris!!!!!!! my love!!!!! this is very interesting mags!!! did u just stumble on this?? really cool!

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