Week that Was (11-1-12 to 11-14-12)

We missed last week but we’re back with a bang, featuring double the amount of songs we’d normally give you. You have a lot of listening to do, so stop reading and get to it! I couldn’t decide who to make the overall feature artist, so Autre Ne Veut, Veronica Falls, and Cities Aviv get the joint honors. Enjoy!

*Autre Ne Veut – Counting

*Veronica Falls – Teenage

*Cities Aviv – Forever

Dutch Uncles – Fester

Denitia & Sene – Trip.fall

*Paypa – RPM feat. Crooked I [Download]

GirlsOnDrugs – OvrLooktd

Netherfriends – I’m Gone (feat. Fess Grandiose)

Kate Boy – Northern Lights

Danny Watts – The Breakthrough

Harriet – No Way Out

Yonas – Thought I Told Ya’ll

Sir Deckster – Rewind Me Up (feat. Mari Posa)

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