ACITM Best Halloween Costumes

Still looking for Halloween costume? Let the music inspire you. Check out our picks for the best artists to mimic this year.

1. Kanye West

Kanye West: the guy who made the leather “man skirt” fashionable. If you’re a guy who’s been itching to wear a skirt, this costume is for you. Leather is a huge trend right now, so finding any of the pieces below will be simple. Get an original Watch The Throne t-shirt for $1000, a fake WTT t-shirt for $100 or a black Old Navy t-shirt for $10- your call depending on how badly you want to be Kanye this Halloween.

Skirt: Nordstrom; pants: PacSun; shirt: Ebay

2. Nicki Minaj

Ah Nicki Minaj. She’s had so many outrageous outfits this past year, it was hard to choose just one look for Halloween. Hey, why not put an ice cream cone around your neck and grab some inflatable pool toys? The more ridiculous the accessories, the better.

Wig: Halloween Express; dress: Party City; slippers: Target

3. Skrillex

Comb over a long black wig, throw on some black frames and smile with your eyes to become Skrillex this Halloween. Add a pair of headphones and refrain from showering for a week to complete the look.

Glasses: Zumiez; wig: Halloween Express; shirt: American Eagle Outfitters

4. 2 Chainz

Wear one chain and leave people confused, throw on two and you’re instantly transformed into 2Chainz. Only talk about what you want for your birthdaaaaay while in costume.

Sunglasses: Forever21; fedora hat: Target; chains: Party City

5. Lil Wayne

Couldn’t decide if you wanted to be a rapper or a skater boy this Halloween (yes, that was an Avril Lavigne reference, and no, I’m not ashamed)? Neither could Lil Wayne. Pull on a pair of tight, animal print jeans and pull off your t-shirt to become the popular artist. Props if you can mimic his tattoos on your own chest with a Sharpie.

Rasta wig: Party City; pants: Urban Outfitters; sneakers: Vans


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2 responses to “ACITM Best Halloween Costumes

  1. MikeTheGiftWrapper

    Great artist ideas.

    It was good to see both of you dressing as musicians!

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