Netherfriends Announces Schubas Residency

This is not a live album. This is an experiment in residency.  Our friend Netherfriends returns to Chicago for the month of November to perform every Monday at Schubas. Each week, Shawn Rosenblatt, sole writer and performer of Netherfriends, will prepare 4 new songs to track and record (along with re-arranged classics) with plans to release the collection as a new album.  During each performance, Shawn will have the audience contribute sounds he can then sample to help compose the songs (how cool is that? Show up to Schubas one of these nights and you’ll be included in an album).

Pre-Order Tickets here:

For the last year, Netherfriends has toured the United States and Europe as a one man band.  Sampler, keyboard, drum pad, guitar, and loop station is all Shawn needs to create intricate layers of harmonies that explode into psych-pop driven songs with hip hop-styled drum beats.  An interesting mixture of sounds that has led to collaborations with Chandler London, Auggie the 9th, Show You Suck and more. The Schubas Residency will see Netherfriends for the first time recording songs using the one man band setup.  After the initial live tracking at Schubas is complete, Shawn will take some time for overdubs and additional tracking before releasing the album to the world.

Shawn is constantly doing something new and pushing the creative envelope and we love it. We had a chance to interview him back in May, which you can check out here.

To add to the excitement of each Monday, two additional acts will be featured throughout the night, some even helping Shawn during his own live show. Acts include Small Houses, Divino Nino, various performances by The Inconvenience Theatre Group, The Embraceables, Esoteric Tapioca, M4SS1V3 3GO, Fess Grandiose, and Impolite Society. As a special treat to any fan that pre-orders tickets, they will receive a free digital copy of the new album.


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