5 Fashion Trends to Try this Fall

With temperatures in the low 50s this past weekend, it’s obvious that summer is officially over. The thing to look forward to as the leaves start changing is fall fashion. Embrace the season by trying one or all of the fall fashion trends highlighted below!

1. A Flowy Skirt

Flowy skirts are a great transition piece from summer to fall. Try one in a neutral shade and pair it with some cool textured tights. Add a leather bomber jacket to toughen up the look and provide contrast to the light, girly skirt.

Jacket: H&M; cami: Old Navy; skirt and shoes: Forever 21; tights: TJMaxx; watch: Michael Kors

2. Polka Dots

Polka dots are all over stores this fall, easily becoming the print of the season. Stand out from all the polka dot sweaters and blouses by trying a pair of polka dot print trousers instead. I love the Ann Taylor trousers below because they can be dressed up with a blazer for a business casual look for the office, or dressed down with a leather jacket for a day out with friends. Polka dot pants are definitely a statement piece though, so keep the rest of the look simple.

Jacket: Forever21; cami: Old Navy; trousers: Ann Taylor; wedges: Urban Outfitters

3. A “Peter Pan”Collar

I think rounded collars- called “Peter Pan” collars- are adorable. Long sleeved blouses are a great staple for fall. I’m also a fan of the “buttoning up” trend because a blouse is the perfect backdrop to show off a statement necklace.

Blouse: Banana Republic; necklace: Forever 21

4. Corduroy

Corduroy is the perfect fabric for the colder months because it’s thicker than cotton and will keep you warmer than a pair of jeans or tights could. Corduroy comes in a variety of colors this season and the fabric has been made into shirts, pants, jackets and even shoes. I like the cords below in navy, because they look like jeans at first glance and fool you when you take a closer look. Choose cords with cute details such as gold zippers or oversized buttons to keep the look interesting.

Pants: H&M; shoes: Forever 21, purse: Aldo

5. A Tie-Neck Blouse

Tie neck blouses are like mini scarves sewn into shirts: awesome. A tie neck blouse in a neutral shade allows itself to easily be paired with any bottoms. Knot the tie, let it hang loose or finish it off with a bow- there are many options on how to complete the look.

Blouse: Gap; watch: Michael Kors

What trends are you most excited to try this fall? Let us know!


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3 responses to “5 Fashion Trends to Try this Fall

  1. SuperHypeBeast

    Where are the fashion trends for guys? O.o

  2. maggie L

    Cute as always mags!!!!

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