Kids These Days “Don’t Harsh My Mellow” (New Video)

Everything Kids These Days touch turns gold, and it’s the same with their latest track and first single off Trap House Rock, “Don’t Harsh My Mellow.” Not to mention it’s Austin Vesely directed, and what has he ever released that you didn’t love?

We’ve heard the song live a number of times, but the proper version is just as good. The same bone tingling, make you check over your shoulder, make you go wild when the hook drops vibe. Check out the video below and let us know what you think. KTD takeover!

Here’s Vic talking about the song in an interview with XXL:

It’s a joint that we made almost a year ago. The shit is, I describe it as an anthem. It’s a really anthemic “We’re not gonna take it” kind of thing. In a way, it’s a message to the industry it’s commercially driven, bubblegum pop-rap music. The mantra of the song is just “Shut the Fuck Up!” It’s a statement from young people in music that don’t want to hear that shit anymore. Music has gotten to a point where with the internet, we don’t rely on the radio and major label systems. This is our statement saying fuck that. We’re here to bring something new and something different.


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2 responses to “Kids These Days “Don’t Harsh My Mellow” (New Video)

  1. MikeTheGiftWrapper

    Super dope video! Can’t wait for Traphouse Rock

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