The Alabama Shakes Dream Show @ The Subterranean

Alabama Shakes returned to Chicago Tuesday for the first time since their rained out set during Lollapalooza for the Dream Show presented by American Family Insurance. Choosing The Pollies and Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil as their openers, Alabama Shakes performed an  incredible set for a full Subterranean. Check out our review and photos here!

Gaining incredible respect from media outlets including NPR, opening for Jack White and performing on Conan all within the past year, Alabama Shakes are living their dream. Their music can be described as a blend of soul, folk rock and blues, and their live show can be described as electrifying. Alabama Shakes were given the opportunity to decide their own dream bill at Tuesday’s Dream Show and chose Doc Dailey and The Pollies, two humble folk rock Alabama bands for their opening performers. When it was time for Alabama Shakes to take the stage, the Subterranean buzzed in excitement. Working their way through their only released album Boys and Girls, the Alabama Shakes put on an amazing performance. Lead vocalist Brittany Howard commanded the stage, her voice so strong and deep, listening to her gave me chills. She was dripping in sweat already after the first song, putting her entire soul into the set. A little to the right, Zac Cockrell chilled alongside Brittany plucking along on his guitar, gently bobbing his head to the beat. The band played their most known song Hold On early in the set, sandwiching slower songs between more upbeat ones from their album. Mid-set and sweaty, Brittany let the audience know she was not tired and was going to keep going. Brittany powered through the set, her elaborate facial expressions helping her belt out impressive notes.

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