North Coast Music Festival @ Union Park – Review & Photos

North Coast Music Festival took over Union Park this weekend, capping off summer music fest season and proving once again that EDM is taking over mainstream America. Check out our photos and highlights from the festival after the jump!

North Coast Music Festival celebrated its third anniversary this year, and although it prides itself on bringing together a variety of music genres, the fest was very dance music heavy. For a first timer at an electronic festival, walking through NCMF probably felt like gliding through a psychedelic dream. Fairies, tigers, horses and ballerinas roamed through Union Park. Donning wings, animal masks and neon tutus, I’m guessing the NCMF crowd picked through old Halloween costumes before heading to Union Park for a weekend of music. NCMF was filled with many notable performances. Headliner Girl Talk may have drawn a big fan base, but the crowd at Pretty Lights’ closing performance on Sunday night was ridiculous, stretching through a majority of the park. Failing at pushing through the crowd towards the stage, I struggled to hear Pretty Lights as I stood on the Union Park baseball diamond, but I watched their neon light show put the crowd into a glow. Axwell put on a pyrotechnic closing performance Friday, and Steve Aoki was in true form Saturday, bashing a birthday cake into the crowd. The representation of hip hop at NCMF was brought to you by Big Boi, who kicked it back to the early 2000s with a few Outkast classics including Ms Jackson. I loved Digitalism’s set and their upbeat performance. Mixing in M83’s Midnight City and drawing the whole crowd into a hand sway during their Sail Away remix, the German duo’s performance was my favorite of the weekend. I discovered two new artists to watch at NCMF: IndigoSun and DJ Solo. IndigoSun is an up and coming electro-funk band who meshed dance beats with jazz melodies- lead Lucas Lucas Ellman jammed out on a saxophone. DJ Solo, on the other hand, was the most energetic of all the djs I saw at the festival. Most notable moment of his set? When he introduced the latest viral YouTube sensation Hot Cheetos and Takis to a crowd that went crazy. Unfortunately, my least favorite set of the weekend belonged to Paul Oakenfold. I was disappointed by the English dj’s dull and dated performance. Agree with my review? What was your favorite set of the weekend?


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4 responses to “North Coast Music Festival @ Union Park – Review & Photos

  1. Maggie L

    great review mags!!! i feel as if i almost went to northcoast myself! steve aoki really threw a cake in the crowd??? no wayyyy!!! lol. thats funny. i actually had to youtube digitalism myself and am listening to the sail away remix as we speak. SO GOOD! def goin on my ipod! im gonna look up the other 2 newbies u found out about too. great pics! i love the guy with the mermaid pants hahahaha

  2. MikeTheGiftWrapper

    Would have loved to be there as Hot Cheetos & Takis hit the speakers! #SWERVE

    Outside of Big Boi and Atmosphere, talk about a lack of hip hop performers.

  3. end of LOBOUNCE’S set made my face drop and everyone was trying to pick it up for me but I couldn’t hold on to it

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