Week that Was (8-23-12 to 8-29-12)

Classes are officially underway for most colleges now, so here’s a back to school mix fit for walking to class, and even to blast during your pre-game. More and more music keeps flowing in and we love it! Make sure to keep sending your tracks to be featured on our week that was. Enjoy! Let us know what you think.

QUALMS – Pressure

Rikki Blu – For Momma

Sir Michael Rocks – So Stupid (feat. Vic Mensa)

Sir Deckster – Rewind Me Up (feat. Mari Posa)

Walt Deez – Going in for the Kill (feat. Y.O.)

ON AN ON – Ghosts

Bon Iver – Towers (Jonathan Lee Remix)

Homeboy Sandman – Watchu Want From Me?

Everything Everything – Cough Cough

Madeon – The City

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One response to “Week that Was (8-23-12 to 8-29-12)

  1. MikeTheGiftWrapper

    Some solid tracks from artists that I haven’t heard of in here. Walt Deez and Rikki Blu were solid in this week’s edition.

    Always good to see #SaveMoney in the post.

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