Video of the Week: Flying Lotus – Fly First

Directed by Mark Zemel, we follow FlyLo along during performances at the Forecastle Festival in Kentucky to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Awesome visuals once again from the folks at Pitchfork Documentaries, and a dope look into the life of one of the most buzzed about producers on the scene lately. Watch below to see him hanging with his fans, hanging with Purity Ring, smoking weed, and talking about being a fan of Schoolboy Q.

Tracklist of the songs used in the documentary after the jump.

(00:00) – Intro – A Cosmic Drama
(00:45) – Track from ‘Until The Quiet Comes’
(01:30) – Physics For Everyone
(02:56) – Auntie’s Lock Infinitum (Feat. Laura Darlington)
(03:54) – Massage Situation
(04:21) – Hudson Mohawke – Lambo Furnace (FlyLo Remix)
(05:09) – RobertaFlack (Feat. Dolly)
(08:18) – Zodiac Shit
(09:04) – Camera Day
(10:14) – Zodiac Shit
(12:16) – Schoolboy Q – Hands On The Wheel (FlyLo Remix)
(15:20) – Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In Da Paint (FlyLo Remix)


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2 responses to “Video of the Week: Flying Lotus – Fly First

  1. MikeTheGiftWrapper

    This was dope..
    I’m feeling the new feature and the more frequent updates

  2. Maggie L

    this is awesome….i love that he’s friends with bassnectar LOL. minus all the drugs tho. soo not into that.

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