Chancellor Warhol – Artist on the Rise

It’s refreshing when a young rapper can bring something unexpected to the music scene; in Chancellor Warhol’s case it’s a fusion of hip hop and electronic rock. The Nashville-based rapper is an artist to watch, traveling through the summer’s biggest music festivals and working on a new project called Paris is Burning. Whether he’s spitting verses on a Lana Del Rey beat or debuting his new song South of France with Soda and Brad from Cage the Elephant, Chancellor Warhol is an up-and-comer with southern swag. Read on for his music, photos and an exclusive interview.

Chancellor Warhol was on this year’s Lollapalooza bill and also performed at the Ck One Music during a Lolla party at the Hard Rock Hotel, where I got to see him working the crowd. During his set at the Hard Rock hotel, Chancellor Warhol spent more time off the stage than he did on it, jumping onto tables to give fans an intimate performance. He was full of an energy that those reaching for a dream lying only fingertips away have. At one point during his set, he walked too far from the stage, whipping his microphone from the power source. Boss of Nova may have been mid-chorus when this happened, but it didn’t matter. It was obvious it was Chancellor’s show when the rapper grabbed the mic to finish off his verse.

Acityinthemidwest caught up with the rapper after his set to chat about his Lolla performance, his musical influences and what he loves most about Chicago.

acityinthemidwest: How does it feel to be in Chicago?

Chancellor Warhol: It feels amazing. I lost my voice today.

A: Is this your first time in the city?

CW: I love Chicago. I’ve been here to see all the Bulls games when D Rose was a rookie. I’ve got family here, people here.

A: This was your first Lolla experience. Tell us about your performance.

CW: It was unreal. I think the heavens shined on us because it rained after our show and they evacuated everything so it was a blessing to actually get to perform.

A: How’s the Chicago crowd?

CW: Craaazy. I love the energy in Chicago.

A: How would you describe your music?

CW: Music is something that I try to be innovative with. I try to bring energy -do something different and forward thinking and new to the game. It’s not just hip hop it’s alternative hip hop. It’s all the things that I love to do.

A: Who are your influences?

CW: Definitely Pharell. He has been a big idol of mine and I actually had the pleasure of opening up for him in 2009. Also John Lenon and some of the legends who kinda threw away their brovado off the stage and on the stage.

A: Since we’re acityinthemidwest, what’s your favorite spot in the city?

CW: I’m gonna be real man, they put us up at the W, and we did not wanna leave it was that dope. But I would have to say Pequod’s pizza is dope and Hub 51. I’m a foodie so I like to eat new things.


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3 responses to “Chancellor Warhol – Artist on the Rise

  1. Maggie L

    i love this!!! good job!!! i hope he sees it!

  2. Chicago's Finest

    Mad respect for this guy! Had never heard of him until the CK One Lounge and he did not disappoint… big fan now!

  3. Aaron

    That wasn’t Brad from CTE. That was Boss of Nova.

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