Foster the People @ Sold Out Congress Theater

Foster the People treated Chicago to a hell of a show at a sold out Congress Theater last Wednesday on the first of their two night stay in the Windy City. With temperatures in the high 90s, it was hot both outside and inside the theater, but that did not stop Foster the People from delivering their usual indie pop goodness to a sweaty crowd.

Opening for Foster the People were Kimbra and Tokyo Police Club. Tokyo Police Club are the definition of pop punk demonstrated by four lanky guys. Their music took me back to my high school days, while their energy easily won over the Congress crowd.

Thirty five minutes and a complete stage revamp later, a light show kick-started Foster the People’s set. Mark Pontius pounded away on his drum set awaiting lead man Mark Foster’s entrance onto the stage. When Foster did arrive, he had a huge presence. Jumping from the keyboard to drums, to the mic until someone finally handed him a guitar, Foster demonstrated his instrumental abilities and his unstoppable energy (even in a venue with no air conditioning). Ditching his white jacket to reveal a grey shirt seeped in sweat halfway through the performance, Foster made his rounds to all parts of the stage to interact with his fans.

All photos by Maggie Bojda

Foster the People’s show wasn’t a concert, it was a production. The stage backdrop was a city with a giant sun made of screens decorating the side of the stage. At one point, bubbles were blown out to the crowd out of of an opening on the sun, and later, paper airplanes flew through the stage as Foster the People continued to amaze the audience.

Foster the People played all the crowd favorites from Helena Beat to I Would Do Anything For You. The buzz at the Congress was full blown and most evident after the drum jam session at the end of Call It What You Want when over 2,000 people raised their hands and their beers in satisfaction. Kimbra made a guest appearance later in the night to perform the new Foster the People x A-Trak x Kimbra track Warrior.

My one complaint of the night was for the choice of slow song as the first encore song. But the band bounced back with energy to cap off the night with the hit that made them famous- Pumped Up Kicks. It was a huge ending- a blown up version of one of the monsters that appears on the cover of their album Torches appeared on stage, while confetti burst over the crowd. When the show ended, fans left Congress dripping in sweat and dizzy from the amazing show they just witnessed.

All photos by Maggie Bojda

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  1. Cat

    Great story/pictures Maggie. And thanks for the lovely picture of myself!

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