2012 Soundset Festival Must Sees

You’re going to see Lupe Fiasco perform hits off his upcoming album, probably some time late Sunday night. And why would you miss Atmosphere… probably closing the festival down as the last act in their home state. This preview isn’t for the acts you’re going to see, but for the less talked about acts you can’t miss! Soundset is Sunday May 27th, at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. Purchase your tickets fast before the price goes up here.

7 can’t miss acts after the jump!


1. Listen to My Volvo

2. Looking for a Festival Survival Guide? Seattle’s John Overlie (Grynch) says all you need is “Good shoes, lots of water and good Barbeque!” Not too sure about BBQ’ing on festival grounds, but he’s right on with the shoes and water tip, enjoying the music is most important.

3. Start your party off right with this video of his song “All I Wanna Do” featuring Sol.


1. Listen to Good Times

2. Yes, that is that guy from Dilated Peoples, one of the most notable underground hip hop groups. The recently reunited group is set to release their 6th album (5th “officially”) called Directors of Photography. If you’re wondering how the group met, here’s Ev speaking on the matter “I met Rakaa at a graffiti yard and years later, we met again at an open mic…I really liked his words and rhyming patterns. We decided to do a couple demos and from there, we were like ‘Let’s make a group!’ Babu came into the fold after hearing our ‘3rd Degree’ 12-inch in 1998… From there, we officially became Dilated Peoples.”

3. In 2008, Evidence was mistaken for legendary LA graffiti artist “Buket” by the LA Times. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t used to tag himself…

**Bonus** Evidence and Eminem had a little clash back in 2002, which resulted in Eminem calling Dilated People a bunch of “cypherin’ backpackers” on a D12 track, and led Evidence to release the track below, where he calls Em a “fake Chino XL.”

DJ Premier

1. Listen to Mass Appeal (one of my favorite Premier beats)

2. Probably the best producer ever. He’s worked with Big L, Jay Z, Gang Starr, Mos Def, Nas, KRS-One, just to name a few. Having him at Soundset is very exciting.

3. Watch DJ Premier making a beat.

Dumbtron (aka Paten Locke and Willie Evans Jr.) 

1. Listen to Dumbtron

2. Probably the best duo you’ve never heard of… partially because they only have a couple of songs recorded. They’re releasing an album later this year and are touring together… and Soundset is your first chance to see them.

3. Watch how crazy talented they are, performing “Stay Classy” below.

Danny Brown

1. Listen to Grown Up

2. Danny Brown could have a member of G-Unit back when the group was in its heyday… 50 cent loved his music. As Brown explains though, “50 was with it; he just didn’t sign me because of my jeans…I understand where they were coming from with that, but you gotta understand where I’m coming from too: I’m from Detroit.”

3. Pitchfork followed Danny Brown around for a couple of days in the D and made this awesome documentary.


1. Listen to Cali Frame

2. Know as the Godmother of LA Hip Hop, she really brings it. She says “It’s up to female rappers to stand strong to create the yin and yang in this music, There’s a lack of connection with the male and female energy. My music speaks to that space and healing process.”  

3. Skip to 2.22 to listen to Medusa destroy some dude then talk about the art that is freestyling.

Action Bronson

1. Listen to 9-24-11 

2. If you’re thinking why did I include a picture of a white guy with his shirt off then told you to listen to some guy that sounds like Ghostface Killah… well, meet Action Bronson. He used to be a chef working for various steakhouses, vegetarian restaurants, Middle Eastern joints, and he was even the New York Mets executive chef. I am not making this up.

3. Download Bronson’s latest mixtape Blue Chips, presented by Complex and Reebok, with all tracks produced by Fool’s Gold’s Party Supplies RIGHT OVER HERE.

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