Milagres Make it to Chicago

Milagres was in town last Sunday night for a performance at Schuba’s. Chicago was given an intimate show to cap off their weekend by a Brooklyn-based band excited to play.

Milagres is a compilation of five guys- Chris Brazee, Fraser McCulloch, Paul CJ Payabyab, Eric Schwortz and Kyle Wilson. Their music is reminiscent of Coldplay’s with an indie edge. I have to hand it to lead vocalist Kyle Wilson- the guy can really hit a high note.

The person with the most stage presence, in my opinion, was drummer Paul. He was located in the back of the stage, but he commanded the crowd’s attention while adding dimension to every song. It was very cool to watch a performer so into his craft.

I look forward to catching Milagres again next time they’re in town.

Check out the rest of the photos below!

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