Gold Motel x Instagram: Your Picture, Their Album

Our friends over at Gold Motel want your help! In one of the coolest band promotions in some time (maybe ever?), the band will use your submitted Instagram photos in their album artwork. With Instagram coming to Droid yesterday, now everyone can get involved. And yes, their actual album artwork…and you can submit as many photos as you want! Check out the rules below, and a conversation with guitarist Eric Hehr about the contest.


Here’s what you have to do:

1.)  Follow GOLD MOTEL (@goldmotel) on their official Instagram account. 

2.)  Connect your Instagram account with your Twitter 

3.)  Post a photo that reminds you of GOLD MOTEL on Instagram. Include #goldmotelalbum and a mention to @goldmotel.

4.)  Submit as many pictures as you want by Sunday, April 15th

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 15th. After that, the band will review all of the photos submitted and pick a handful to be included in the album artwork! The winners will receive photo credit in the album’s linear notes, as well as the opportunity to have their photo become a permanent part of their new album. 

5.)  Tell all your friends!

More information about the contest brought to you by Gold Motel guitarist Eric Hehr! A shout out to him for answering some questions for ACITM.

ACITM: How did you guys come up with the idea to use instagram to create an album cover?

Eric: We’re actually accepting photo submissions for album artwork, not necessarily the front cover image. The Instagram photos we choose will most likely wind up within the inside panel of the album as part of a larger photo collage.

The idea to use fan-sourced Instagram pictures as part of our album artwork came from a conversation I recently had while I was out in Los Angeles. I was talking with a friend about how social media accounts could be used to push the boundaries of direct-to-fan contact while simultaneously allowing fans to mold the conceptual “world” that a bands music creates; an idea in which the fans vision of the band becomes unified the bands own vision of itself. Through the advancement of social media outlets such as Instagram, the conceptual world of Gold Motel can be accessible to fans on a level where they can directly interact within the world that our music, photography, and music videos have established. By using common placed social media tools such as Instagram, fans can enter our world, reinterpret it, and become a permanent fixture of our new music.

Most of the submissions we have received look like our songs transformed into images: pictures of beaches, desert highways, and summer skies. This is our vision being projected back at us by our audience through the same mediums that we used to solidify said vision over the past two years. It’s a very strange, modernistic thing to see happen, but the process is nonetheless gratifying.

A: Is there anything specific you guys are looking for in the submissions?

E: We’re keeping it open ended for the most part. We just asked fans to use Instagram to submit picture that reminds them of Gold Motel by using the #goldmotelalbum and a mention to @goldmotel. We’re looking for the images that fans see when they close their eyes and listen to the music, whether that is an empty stairwell or a crazy beach party.

As of thus far, all the submissions we have received are incredibly cohesive with our own vision of the new album. We’re accepting submissions until April 15th, at which point we’ll begin choosing which photos will make it into the album artwork. I’m excited to see the rest of the submissions!

Photo by Eddie O'Keefe

A: Who’s the best instagrammer in the band?

E: Besides Gold Motel’s official Instagram account (@goldmotel), Greta and myself are the only two members who have personal accounts. You can follow Greta on Instagram @gretamorgan and you can follow me @ehehr1955 and decide for yourself!

A: As we ask everyone, what’s your favorite spot in Chicago?

E: I’ve spent more time then I’m willing to admit at Club Foot, which has become my favorite bar in the city over the past two years. It’s never too crowded, the vibe is always mellow, drinks are cheap, and they play incredible music. I’m a big power-pop nerd, and I’ve heard some super deep-cuts from Off Broadway and Pezband played at Club Foot, which is reason enough for me to keep coming back.

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