Sleeper Agent and Ben Kweller @ Lincoln Hall (3/31)

I’ve been waiting for a chance to catch Sleeper Agent live since last July, and this weekend the dates will finally work out. I first discovered the band reading Spin Magazine, who featured them in their “Breaking Out” segment. The 6 piece band from Bowling Green originally came together after guitarist Tony Smith and drummer Justin Wilson found barista turned singer Alex Kandel performing at open mic’s. They’ll be in Chicago Saturday night in support of Ben Kweller, who recently released a new album titled Go Fly a Kite, at Lincoln Hall at 10 PM. Tickets are sold out, so check out Craigslist if you weren’t lucky enough to get one.

Sleeper Agent brings you a garage sound with bright melodies and harmonies that really is unmatched nowadays. With a male and a female splitting the vocal duties, they’re able to perfectly craft the cheery as well as the darker, more serious parts of their songs. Their fuzzy, flamboyant crunch of the riffs will bring at least a little movement to your body, and everything combined is guaranteed to blow you away. Celebrasion, the band’s debut album, showed the versatility of the relatively young group. You have your sing-a-long songs, you have your ballads, you have a slow tempo reggae-ish track, you have the get up and move track that is “Get it Daddy.” Overall, you get a full sound that highlights every member in the band and leaves you feeling like you just found the needle in the haystack that is rock music.

Ben Kweller headlines the show Saturday night. Go Fly A Kite is Kweller’s fifth studio album, which gives you the unforgettably melodic and heartwarming fuzzed-out sound that first put him on the map with his debut in 2002. With Go Fly A Kite, Kweller proves that he has evolved yet managed to maintain the deft songwriting sensibility and diversity for which he is known and loved. Immersed in rich harmonies, lush arrangements and bittersweet lyrics, Go Fly A Kite is a celebratory offering of the essential Ben Kweller and serves as a career-defining album with the ability to resonate beyond its time.

Check out videos for both acts below.

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