We Were Promised Jetpacks @ The Bottom Lounge (3/23)

We Were Promised Jetpacks head to the Bottom Lounge this Friday, March 23rd, where they are set to perform at 9 PM. The four-piece post-punk/indie-rock group from Edinburgh, Scotland that has toured with the likes of Bear Hands and Jimmy Eat World, has been a long time ACITM favorite. I had the chance to catch the band at West Fest in 2010, and they blew me away. A band that far eclipses their recorded sound live, nowadays, is almost impossible to find – but WWPJ does just that. The band provides a powerful, emotional, frenetic yet perfectly balanced sound that hooks you within minutes.

With tickets only $15 and an intimate concert location, I highly recommend checking these guys out. As a band that’s destined to blow up, sort of like a Kings of Leon or Black Keys explosion, you want to do it sooner rather than later. At the show, make sure to watch guitarist Michael Palmer for at least one whole song, start to finish, as he’s the linchpin to just about every song. To give you a litte taste, check out the video for “Human Error” from their second album, In The Pit of the Stomach, below.

Tickets are available online on TicketWeb.

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