Rusko @ Canopy Club (Pictures!) 2-26-12

Rusko stopped by the Canopy Club last Sunday night, and all you need to know is…you should probably check this guy out live.

Chugging through a bottle of grey goose mid set, Rusko was far a DJ that stands behind his computer simply pressing play. He was jumping through the air as the bass drops blew through the speakers, interacting with the crowd and telling everyone to enjoy themselves as much as possible. He pointed at various people at the Canopy, as if sending his positive vibes and energy to the ones not jumping through the air with him. We heard new cuts off his upcoming album “Songs,” the dub step lovers got what they came for, but his mixture of house and trance music into the set really shined, highlighting his versatility and positive take on the craze sweeping the nation.

Check out the photos below, apparently the security thought it was too crazy and too packed for me to be entering the pit… so I did my best squeezing to the front.


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