Moombahton Massacre – Team Bayside High & Willy Joy at the Metro (PICS)

The DJ duo of Rick Carrico and Derek Berry, also know as Team Bayside High, took the stage last Friday night at the Metro for the Moombahton Massacre. Check out after the jump for a bunch of pics and a little blurb about how much their Moombah made the room (bah?) shake.

Photo by Michael Bojda

If you’re still confused from the intro what exactly a Moombahton Massacre is, look no further. Moombahton is reggae fused house-electronic music, a craze that’s sweeping the nation almost as fast as Dubstep did a year earlier. Team Bayside High are two DJ’s that have taken this sub-genre to a whole new level, introducing the Chicago house scene to a slowed down 108 BPM (beats per minute) that jumps up and down with Spanish-language shouts and phrases.

Photo by Michael Bojda

At the Metro, Bayside used the mid-tempo music to get the crowd grinding along and screaming for more during brief breaks. With Dave Nada (of Nadastrom…who would close out the show) in attendance, Rick and Derek showed the godfather of Moombahton a little Chicago flavor mixed in with the music. Luckily for you they’re constantly throwing down all over Chicago, and their energy really is a pleasure to be around, so check out their twitter to catch them performing.

Willy Joy was next up and the moombah didn’t stop with him. With a more technical style than Team Bayside, Willy’s set featured quick song mashes and more turntable work, as the Metro filled up to capacity. Kid Sister’s tour DJ really knows how to work the crowd and his talent is clear about 3 songs in. Watch him live to see what I’m talking about. He’s one of those “you’d understand better if you witnessed the glory.”

Photos (all taken by Michael Bojda) of Team Bayside High and Willy Joy below! Enjoy and comment!


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2 responses to “Moombahton Massacre – Team Bayside High & Willy Joy at the Metro (PICS)

  1. Zack

    nice photos.. what were you shooting with?

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