Gold Motel & Deserters @ Lincoln Hall December 23rd (PICS)

Lincoln Hall guests were given an early Christmas treat Friday with performances by three Chicago-bred bands: Chaperone, Deserters and Gold Motel. As long-time fans of the Hush Sound (Michael and I attended a secret Hush Sound show at the Beat Kitchen over three years ago and even got posters autographed by the band), we were ready on Friday to be graced by Greta’s on-stage presence once more.

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We showed up to a holiday infested Lincoln Hall just in time for the Deserters set. Five young guys with conflicting styles hit the stage- one was rocking a mohawk, the other had the nerdy-chic look going on, while the others had a Cali-cool Indie style- and I was unsure what to expect from the band. Three songs in, I was hooked. Deserters create a feel good sound worthy of a spot on an OC mix cd (remember how good that show and the music on that show were?) The band’s music is upbeat and dynamic with a pop/rock/indie flavor. Think Temper Trap melodies mixed in with Noah and the Whale like vocals.

Photo by Michael Bojda

According to their Facebook page, Deserters is currently working on its first EP, produced by Joshua Shapera and Wilco’s very own Pat Sansone. Friday night, Deserters quickly became my new indie-boy-band crush and definitely a band to follow.

Photo by Michael Bojda

If it wasn’t for the holiday-themed Lincoln Hall, I would have forgotten it was the middle of December as soon as Gold Motel began their set. The light, peppy and candy-coated rhythms of Gold Motel could easily transport anyone to a summer day lit by golden sunshine. The members of Gold Motel produce a great sound together, but there’s no denying that front girl Greta Morgan is adorable- it’s doubtful the girl has one mean bone in her body.

Photo by Michael Bojda

To add to her sweet girl persona- she came to the Lincoln Hall show Friday bearing gifts- Gold Motel cds and records that she threw to her fans. She wished all in attendance a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza and a Happy Festivus. Festive would actually be a good way to describe Gold Motel’s entire performance.

Christmas lights adorned Greta’s keyboard and the entire band was in good spirits throughout. Greta especially looked so happy not only by the nice turnout by fans, but also simply to be performing back in Chicago. Gretta danced along to every song, jamming out on her tambourine and jumping along in tune with her beats. Gold Motel closed out with two encores, thanking fans for coming out regardless of the holidays. -Maggie

Photo by Michael Bojda

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