What do Chicagoans Want for the Holidays?

We planted our camera at various locations throughout the loop this past weekend to find out what Chicagoans want for the Holidays. Check out the video below and maybe steal some ideas for that last minute Christmas shopping!

What does acityinthemidwest want for the holidays? That’s easy – more amazing shows to cover, more readers to keep the blog growing, and a Bulls march back to the finals (<3 you D.Rose).

We hope you get everything you’re asking for this holiday season as well.


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3 responses to “What do Chicagoans Want for the Holidays?

  1. Maggie L

    SO CUTEEE!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!

  2. We appreciate the feedback Maggie! Thanks for reading!

  3. Chicago's Finest

    Cool vid.. but who in the world allowed Michael to jump in with that “I want a hot dog” SMH… ruined the video!

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