Symmetry Live: The Naked and Famous @ The W-Lakeshore (Photos)

Attendees of the W Hotel’s Symmetry Live event in Chicago Tuesday night were graced with the relaxed rhythms of The Naked and Famous, the impeccable style of well-dressed Chicagoans and a beautiful night fit for an outdoor party compliments of Mother Nature.

Fluorescent lights lit up the Symmetry Live stage and the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel sparkled in the distance as guests mingled with one another sipping complementary cocktails. Most Chicagoans in attendance were decked out in sharp style- men in classic, pinstripe suits and women in trendy fur vests.

Photo by Michael Bojda

The Symmetry Live event in Chicago was one in a series of concerts held at W Hotels around the U.S. promoting up-and-coming artists, as well as the W brand. For Tuesday’s show, the W flew into Chicago The Naked and Famous, an indie rock band generating increasingly more buzz from critics. Alisa Xayalith, lead singer/keyboardist as well as the representative of girl power in the otherwise male-dominated band, admitted that the twenty hour trip from her hometown of New Zealand was well worth it. The entire band looked genuinely excited by their warm welcome from Chicagoans, and most likely because they were playing on a rooftop overlooking Navy Pier.

Photo by Michael Bojda

This was the third time that I have seen The Naked and Famous live, and I have to say that it was the best. The intimate evening setting that the W created for the Symmetry Live event was ideal for a band with a bit more of a mellow sound. The Naked and Famous took up the opportunity to connect with their audience on a more personal level, something that is hard for artists to do at large venues or Lollapalooza stages, and did so successfully. Hearing Alisa sing the opening to “No Way” was a treat, especially as the wind blew through her hair as her sweet and powerful voice echoed through the speakers. “Spank” instantly became one of my favorites, as the band was able to keep up the energy up even through the spots of silence in the song, singers clapping, bassists dancing, and Thom Powers’s guitar riffs sending volts throughout the rooftop. The band ended their set with their hit single “Young Blood,” which was greeted with loud screams from the crowd and even a couple fans that knew all the words. Fitting for their most popular song to be called “Young Blood,” as the song truly showcases their talents individually, and how well they mesh together. They’re still in their early 20’s – expect big things from this group in the future.

Photo by Michael Bojda

Michael and I won VIP tickets to Tuesday’s event through the W Hotel’s Facebook page, so thank you Rachel and social media in general for making this contest and event possible! Make sure to check out the rest of the photos, all taken by Michael Bojda, below!

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