Precious Junk – Treasure Hunting at the Randolph Street Market Festival

Braving the rain of last Sunday morning, my friend Adam and I arrived at the Randolph Market Festival eager to add vintage peices to our personal treasure collections. Showcasing unique necklackes, antique home goods and handbags dating back to the early 1900s, the Randolph Street Market Festival could easily be renamed “Any Stylish Chicagoan’s Goldmine.”

Adam and I snaked between the indoor and outdoor venues of the festival for hours, carefully sorting through others’ precious junk. One of my favorite stands of the day was a handbag one. Here, a seller showed purses of all shapes, sizes and textures. One purse, designed like a picnic basket, especially caught my eye due to two adorable flower accents that connected the flap to the rest of the bag. Inside was an engraved leather tag; the seller explained to us that the bag was made as a birthday present in Hong Kong decades ago. Small details are what make vintage peices so special. At another stand, a woman sold beautiful, bright, silk scarves. I appreciated that she took the time to attach small notes to these scarves that described the designer and the years during which the scarf was born. Huge mirrors with scratches lining their frames stood at another stand. One could only imagine where they were affixed before they landed at the Randolph Street Market Festival.

Below our pictures of some of the treasures Adam and I encountered Sunday; there were so many though, it was impossible to capture them all. At the end of the day, Adam walked away with a new plant stand, while I was excited by my new sunglasses purchase.

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