Top 10 Acts to See at Pygmalion

If you’re a U of I student tired of totes ragin’ every night at the krazy keggers at Sigma Delta Zeta Phi Omega Zeta Beta Kayta and want to see good music for 5 days (instead of hearing Bruno Mars and New Boyz at the ∑∆πΩZßK house), this festival is for you. If you’re a Chicago resident still really upset that Pitchfork/Lollapalooza/North Coast had to end, and just a little more music would make you feel better, this festival is also for you. Pygmalion Music Festival can be seen as summer’s last stand, or fall’s bright start. The festival that takes place September 21-25 offers 90 bands playing at 10 different locations throughout the Champaign-Urbana area.

As we did with Lollapalooza, picking the shows you could not miss and basically crafting your schedule for you (It’s ok to admit it), here are the top 10 acts to see at Pygmalion.

#10 STRFKR – 9/24 (Saturday) @ 5:40 @ The Highdive

  1. Listen to Julius 
  2. While only being together for about 3 years… the band has changed their name more times than Chad Ochocinco and Meta World Peace. From Pyramidd, to PYRAMID, to Starfucker, to STRFCKR, the band’s music has stayed the same luckily.
  3. Star…Pyrami…. (I don’t even know what to call them) the band is so excited to be coming to Champaign that they even made a song about it!!! (The video is NOT official, a fan created it, but it’s pretty darn good)

#9 Japandroids – 9/24 (Saturday) @ 7:50 @ The Highdive

  1. Listen to Wet Hair 
  2. How did they come up with their name? Well, drummer Dave Prowse came up with one thing, and guitarist Brian King another…solution? Combine them! Japanese Scream + Pleasure Droids = Japandroids.
  3. Read Fader’s lengthy examination of lyrics from the song “Wet Hair” over there (I already linked it silly!).
#8 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – 9/24 (Saturday) @ 3:20 @ The High Dive
  1. Listen to Everlyn 
  2. Back when The OC was still running strong, “Oregon Girl” was a song played on one of the episodes. The band was still unsigned at the time and Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) handed off the track to the shows music supervisor after falling in love with it. Definitely a song Seth would love (RIP OC).
  3. Download the band’s 2008 release “Pershing” here.
#7 Washed Out – 9/23 (Friday) @ 7:30 @ Canopy Club

  1. Listen to Eyes Be Closed 
  2. Ernest Greene is a hip hop junkie. He became obsessed with the music thanks to Georgia’s passion towards ATL legends Outkast (his favorite song was “Elevators.” Hip hop beats/instrumentals were actually some of the first tracks he made.
  3. Check out this interview with him… turns out not all famous people are snobs!
#6 Unknown Mortal Orchestra – 9/22 (Thursday) @ 8:00 @ Canopy Club

  1. Listen to How Can U Love Me 
  2. Fuzzy vocals, heavy bass, driving riffs and jittery drums = hazy, hypnotic, R&B, psychedelic, poppy grooves. That’s why you should see them. Also, check the $wagger.
  3. Normally you’d have to head over to Daytrotter’s website, make an account, then finally download their live session for free. I’m saving you 3 minutes and telling you to do that here.
#5 The Hood Internet – Friday (9/23) @ 1:00 @ Canopy Club

  1. Listen to the whole WACKA FLOCKA FLAME x HOOD INTERNET mixtape 
  2. Yes, Wacka deserves all the CAPS he gets. But if you get really into The Hood Internet and are looking for something awesome to do on New Years, see them at Lincoln Hall! Tickets available here ($20 Pre-sale).
  3. If you’re ever at a party and it is not fun at all, just play this song. Guaranteed to get everyone super excited.
#4 Mansions on the Moon – 9/24 (Saturday) @ 9:30 @ Canopy Club
  1. Listen to Darkness
  2. Diplo, DJ Benzi, Xaphoon Jones, and N.E.R.D. are all Mansions on the Moon backers. Talk about street cred.
  3. Diplo and DJ Benzi actually like these guys so much, that they put out a CD remixing a bunch of MOTM tracks. Click here to be sent to the site where you can download for free!
#3 Toro y Moi – 9/22 (Thursday) @ 9:30 @ Canopy Club

  1. Listen to Talamak 
  2. How do you pronounce that weird french concoction of a name? TORO-EE-MWAH… which means the Bull (spanish) and I (french).
  3. This breaks all the rules of my festival preview post, but this song needs to be included. The Fare Soldi “CantaTu Remix! 
#2 Ava Luna – 9/22 (Thursday) @ 7:00 @ Canopy Club

  1. Listen to Clips 
  2. Lead singer Carlos Hernandez, what is the best beat of all time?
    “”What’s It Gonna Be” by Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson has the best beat of all time. Or “The Message” by Cymande. Actually the Samiyam remix of “Crank Dat” has the best beat of all time.”
  3. They got soul.
#1B Bear Hands – 9/22 (Thursday) @ 9:00 @ Krannert Art Museum

  1. Listen to Crime Pays 
  2. Check out Buzz Magazine’s interview with the band here! Shout out Adam Barnett!
  3. Watch this 
#1A NewVillager – 9/22 (Thursday) @ 12:30 @ Channing-Murray

  1. Listen to Say the Code 
  2. The band recorded 10 different versions of every single song on their 10 song album, before finally releasing it (took around 4 years). Talk about perfectionists. They call it the “NewVillager Mythology.”
  3. In the running for music video of the year in my opinion…
What do you think of our list?
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