2011 Lolla Must Sees

Welcome to the best weekend of the summer… Well, at least a preview of it. In a little less than 48 hours, some of music’s most popular acts (such as Eminem, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, My Morning Jacket) will grace the Grant Park stages and treat more than 100,000 fans a day to nights they will never forget. Obviously you’ll be there. There’s a lot of time before 8 pm though, and a lot of talent. Check these bands out!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday suggestions after the jump ———->

Friday, August 5th

The Vaccines @ The Music Unlimited Stage @ 12:45-1:30

  1. Listen to Post Break Up Sex
  2. The Vaccines had a crush, so they wrote a creepy song called “Norgaard” about model Amanda Norgaard, with lyrics including… “Her mind’s made up; she don’t wanna go steady. She’s only seventeen, so she’s probably not ready.”
  3. Watch the video to Norgaard, where that model agreed to star in the video…
The Naked and Famous @ Sony Stage @ 1:30-2:15
  1. Listen to Jilted Lovers
  2. How did they come up with the album title “Passive Me, Aggressive You”? Drummer Jesse Wood says “Passive Me, Aggressive You is a lyric from the opening track All Of This. It was a mutual decision since as it seemed very fitting for the album. There’s a running theme through the album with polarities. Male and Female vocals, analog and digital elements and even the art work has natural landscapes juxtaposed with digital art.”
  3. Check out my story on the band from April, here.
Kids These Days @ BMI Stage @ 4:15-5:00
  1. Listen to Darling
  2. These guys (and girl) are only 17-18. WhaaattttttttT??????? And oh yeah, some of them attended the best high school in the nation also….
  3. Rapper of the group, Vic Mensa, almost died trying to sneak into Lolla last year. Check out Fake Shore Drive’s interview with him about the shocking story (hah) and more below.
Saturday, August 6th

Phantogram @ Sony Stage @ 1:30-2:30
  1. Listen to Futuristic Casket 
  2. Think of The Prodigy mixed with Passion Pit, mixed with Washed Out, mixed with Sara Bareilles? Yeah, but this band should be a good start to your day. Also, Big Boi named one of their songs his “Jam of the Week.” $wag.
  3. Download their cd righttttttttttt……………… here.
Black Lips @ Playstation Stage @ 3:00-4:00
  1. Listen to New Direction 
  2. These guys have: Made out with each other on stage, gotten naked on stage, urinated on their fans, urinated into their mouths and tried to spit the urine on their fans (allegedly), and had one of their songs in the movie 500 Days of Summer (Bad Kids). Their songs are short and sweet, but fun and actually musically very impressive. Self-described as a “flower-punk” band. Try RaWk stars.
  3. See Maxim’s night on the town with the Black Lips here (doesn’t this prove why they’re awesome?)
Local Natives @ Sony Stage @ 5:30-6:30

  1. Listen to Airplanes 
  2. They all live together. Which on top of touring means they’re together about 24/7. Maybe that’s why their live shows are absolutely amazing (had the pleasure of seeing them at Pitchfork in 2010).
  3. Watch a live performance of “Camera Talk” on KEXP in Seattle.
Sunday, August 7th

Gold Motel @ Playstation Stage @ 12:15-1:00

  1. Listen to Make Me Stay 
  2. Yes, that is Greta Morgan from The Hush Sound. This Chicago bred band is one of her “side” projects, although it takes up most of her time now with touring and recording. And yes, this is a picture of me with her .
  3. Download the Summer House LP here, defiantly worth your time (and a last chance to squeeze out as much of summer as possible).
The Cool Kids @ Perry’s Stage @ 3:00-4:00

  1. Listen to Summer Jam 
  2. They finally released a CD after 2 and a half years of legal troubles with their old label “Chocolate Industries,” and it is pretty impressive. Production wise and lyrically, you can pop this in, hit the beach, and just chill. “Hodgy” from LA rap collective Odd Future even told Mikey that “…you all are the champions of this shit” (speaking of “hipster rap”).
  3. The Cool Kids took Fader Magazine on a “Style Guide” trip through some of Chicago’s hidden (back then) gems. Like The Cool Kids, dressing up has blown up!
Cage the Elephant @ Playstation Stage @ 5:15-6:15

  1. Listen to Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked 
  2. Matthew Shultz, lead singer of the band, once tore a cartilage in his knee after stage diving, then climbing up to a 15 foot balcony, and jumping into a crowd of people. A beer bottle also stabbed him in the ribs. Rough. Good thing Lolla has grass and nice people.
  3. Watch the video to “Back Against the Wall” here
If you end up checking any of these bands out, come back to ACITM and let us know what you thought of them! Have fun and make memories!
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    Yo dawg. What about this new kat Treezy?!

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    Defiantly have to agree with you about the Black Lips. Hey maybe I’ll run into you this weekend. Oh, and thanks for filling in my 1:00 slot on Friday.

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