Filligar at Wicker Park Fest

This past Sunday I got to catch one of my favorite groups perform at Wicker Park Fest. The Chicago band that can be classified as anything from indie to rock, Filligar, graced the Center Stage of the festival. Singer Johnny Mathias, doing his best Tyler The Creator impression by performing with a broken foot, wowed the crowd with energizing vocals while brothers Pete (drums) and Teddy (bass), and longtime friend Casey Gibson accompanied with dizzying melodies that made you feel weird if you didn’t find yourself humming along or tapping your foot. I’ve followed this band for quite some time now, really noticing the progression they have made musically…now playing a more traditional kind of rock, which has led to sell outs all across the nation.

Check out my pictures from the bands performance and listen to all of their CD after the jump.

All pictures were taken by me (Michael) with a Nikon D3000.

And listen to all of Filligar’s latest record, The Nerve, below.

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  1. Stephen

    nice pics!

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