Lollapalooza 2011: What to Wear

Fashion magazines are already buzzing about the must-have looks for fall, but I’m not willing to give up the fact that there is still over a month of summer left, and there is no better place to whip out the season’s hottest trends than for my favorite weekend of summertime Chi- Lollapalooza.

Lollapalooza weekend is typically the hottest of the summer (both literally and figuratively). Temperatures during the three-day festival often crawl up to the 90 degree mark as thousands fill Grant Park for some of the most heart-pounding-ear-blaring-crowd-loving live performances. The festivities continue into the night with dozens of sponsored events and Lolla after-parties happening all throughout the city. It’s the perfect weekend for great music… and paramount people watching.

Stand out in the crowd with a few stylish pieces. My advice is to keep it neutral during the day and go bold at night. Lightweight, airy and comfortable fabrics are the way to go to beat the heat during the day. Cut off shorts and loose, breathable tops accessorized with straw hats are perfect for keeping cool.

When air-conditioning is guaranteed, as I’m sure it is at many of the Lollapalooza after-parties, silky shirts and dresses in bright, bold colors are the answer for a night out.

I can’t wait for Lolla music and Lolla fashion, follow @acitm and let us know if this helped!

And check out Michael’s post on the Lolla Must Sees here.


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